We Love You People

“Please accept my sincere apologies for posting this big picture gallery today… well, I guess you know by now that I usually get carried away when I discover new places, meet people, do things I haven’t done before… so of course it was inevitable that visiting New York for the first time was a big adventure.

It’s a bit cliché, but it really felt like stepping into a film set and everybody around be became a movie star: The fire fighter. The traffic police woman. The cook at the thai restaurant. The running guy in Central Park. And the one on the unicycle. The chess players in Bryant Park. The builders. The folks at the Apple store. The visitors at the MoMA. The amateur musicians. The police man eating a banana. The tourists even. The local blogger. The woman in the rain. The cool party crowd. Street food vendors. Lots of people at Katz’. The grumpy Italian market vendor. Those poor folks in the Subway. More street food vendors….
So this is my little love declaration to the people of NYC. Your city rocks!”