An Old Favourite

A little bit of Wikipedia: 

HMS Wellington (launched Devonport, 1934) is a Grimsby-class sloop, formerly of the Royal Navy. During the Second World War, she served as a convoy escort ship in the North Atlantic. She is now moored alongside the Victoria Embankment, at Temple Pier, on the River Thames in London, England, as the headquarters ship of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners, where she is known as HQS Wellington.

We could of course copy and paste all its history from Wikipedia or the website of the Wellington trust, where you would also learn that the vessel does have a purpose in its current location. We, on the other hand, look at her as yacht designers with a certain love for conversions. And whenever we looked at that gorgeous 81 metre hull and that incredibly elegant sheer line, we think this one must be converted into a sea going vessel again one day. We think she’d make a wonderful yacht. Who knows? Maybe even a royal one?