What Doesn’t Drive Me Crazy

“I might have mentioned it before, I do sometimes have this wish to leave all the ‘white noise’ of modern life behind and move somewhere far away from the ‘madding crowds’. Some magic little oasis of tranquility where life is simple”

Luckily, this is not going to happen any time soon, because Christian Leyk also admits that while this idea is extremely tempting at times (and he knows a few places that fit the description perfectly) he believes that he could only stay there for a limited time..

“It would be like paradise. Perfection. But perfection would drive me crazy after a while. My creative mind needs buzz, needs stimulation. Occasional stress probably just as well.. So you won’t see me becoming a farmer soon. Not a surfer either, though I do love the beach and the sea and the waves… talking about the sea, now that’s something I could watch for hours: Waves crushing on the shore. Or a thunderstorm, keeping the eyes peeled on the horizon for lightning. I haven’t watched any active volcano yet, but I have the feeling they’d have a similar effect. Oh, and waterfalls will not find me getting bored that quickly either.

Compared to the forces of nature I feel small and everything that worries be becomes almost insignificant for a while. Everything gets put into perspective. It’s really incredibly relaxing, almost like meditation. But with my eyes wide open.”

Becoming a professional wave-watcher however doesn’t pay the bills though and would leave the designer go hungry pretty soon… so after a ‘busy’ day on the beach Christian was happy to return to the studio again.