The good old 45º angle… not as wild as 60º, not as balanced as 35º. A bit of a nerd really. But we do like our nerds, don’t we?”

One of the first projects we dived straight into when collaborating with Ken Freivokh was an impressing high-volume 85 metre motor yacht. Construction was about to commence soon far away in Chile on a yard that was highly experienced with doing tuna fishing trawlers but had still to cut their teeth in the yachting world. The task was really interesting and we were able to include a few pretty exciting features, although in the end not all of them made it through to the construction phase.

“We envisioned a kind of drawbridge for side boarding, which would have been pretty unique. It would have been the most unusual entry you would have ever seen on a mega yacht, making good use of the triple-height atrium”

For reasons beyond our control the project went south, literally and metaphorically. What was left, apart from a rather big piece of steel and aluminium, currently moored in Seattle, was a platform that was inviting us to play around with. So that’s how this big cruiser yacht concept came together. Stretched a little bit to 90 metres we tried to balance a more ‘serious’, upright character, dropping the common, more curvy approach, with some carefully applied futuristic features. Usually one would avoid cutting the long lines short and linking elements vertically is something better avoided as it emphasises height against length. It was tempting…. so we did exactly that and looked into what we cold do to get away with it. And that’s where the good old 45º came in handy. And the drawbridge is making an appearance as well. We believe the exercise was fairly successful (but we still need an owner that is willing to test our idea in real life). What do you think?