Work Hard, Play Hard

There is, of course, above all, the argument that, in the end, websites like this are all about portraying a professional enterprise. It is said that it’s quite possible that potential clients are more interested in the service / product they will get rather than learning anything about the people behind it all. There are people that prefer the no-nonsense approach.

“We will always take design personally” says Christian Leyk, “so we want to build a relationship with our clients. We invite them to get to know us, if they want. In return, we believe the better we know them the more ‘relevant’ our design can be.”

It is the time of the year again when Christian was wondering why there is no really fitting translation in English for the German term ‘Aussteiger’ (meaning something like ‘down-shifter’ or ‘drop-out’, yet without a negative connotation) and considered watching Ridley Scott’s very inspirational movie ‘A Good Year’ again. When the United Kingdom did welcome him and Ana with freezing temperatures, gale force wind and torrential downpour after one week of exploring sunny southern Italy. Dreams are scented with oregano and thyme and the warmth of sun kissed skin is more than just a distant memory.

“The place was just amazing! We did 1300km in a little Fiat Cinquecento, explored medieval towns and abandoned villages. Crossed the mountains for the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Sea, went trekking in search of emerald pools and glittering water falls. Stepped on active volcanoes and walked the cobbled streets of a city as old as the stones…”

This is, however, not a story of shifting down a gear. It’s a story about finding new energy and inspiration. About making plans and bringing them to the next level. We love what we do and we can’t imagine ever not doing it. We love working hard and we love living well and we want to invite clients to share our vision with us. After all, there’s nothing wrong with discussing your next project with us on a terrace overlooking the sea, drinking a glass of home grown wine, right?