Yummy Street Food

One more thing we utterly love when travelling abroad… discovering different food. And let’s be honest, as much as we love sampling the culinary highlights across Europe (and even the United States do have a few specialities worth trying) and as much we enjoy the cuisine of South and Middle America and the Caribbean, there simply isn’t any place like South East Asia to tickle our taste buds. And there’s certainly nothing as exciting as Asian street food!

Okay, maybe if you grew up in Thailand or Cambodia you might find that kind of food as exotic as fish & chips or pizza neapolitana, but for us it’s just something that captures all of our senses and takes them on a roller coaster ride around the block! It’s this kind of street food that never ceases to surprise us and it has, despite all it’s complexity and sophistication, a real feel-good factor to it.

“You wonder how one can possibly eat a hot soup full of fierce looking chilies when it’s 30 degrees Celsius. I can’t explain, but I tried it and it works…”

Not to mention of course that it’s usually incredibly fresh and pretty damn healthy. Makes you wonder why anybody really would eat Western fast food at all!