Zero Your Calendar

Truth is, the starting point hardly ever marks the beginning. Any progress is always part of a continuum. Circumstances that lead to the point when one declares that from now on, things are different. Day ‘zero’ in your calendar.

It is also true that one will encounter various such days in his life, and the same goes for every plan and project. Starting points are no more than waypoints that should help you to mark the point where you are in that specific moment in order to define the direction you have to go to reach a certain goal. Not even the website of coquine![design] started with a ‘zero’.

Many aspects were growing together until a picture got clearer and clearer: A design philosophy. A logo. Defining your personal goals. Make a business plan. Evaluate your ideas in progress while new projects pop up. New chances. New contacts. Now, a new waypoint is added to the list. A new form of communication should be established via this new website. The heart and soul now is the blog section, which should give you an insight into what’s going on. New projects, new concepts. New business development. Now and again something about the people behind coquine![design]…